The Terminal

The New Orleans Lakefront Airport, originally the Shushan Airport, opened in 1934 and was to be “The Air Hub of the Americas.” It was drafted by the same architectural firm that then governor, Huey P. Long, used to construct the Louisiana State Capitol Building.

In its prime, the airport boasted a full surgical suite, Department of Agriculture and Commerce, luxury suites for VIPs, and even a post office. The building featured murals by artist Xavier Gonzalez, most of which survived Katrina in 2005, and detailed stone walls and floors. The Shushan airport wasn’t built just for people to come and go, it was built for people to do business AND have a good time.

In the 1960s, the entire airport was encased in concrete walls in case of the event of a nuclear fallout and in 2005; the airport took on more damage from Hurricane Katrina: four feet of water inside. Some thought the airport would be doomed and never be able to make a comeback. However, after undergoing years of renovation by Alton Ochsner Davis of Richard C. Lambert Consultants, the New Orleans Lakefront Airport is finally open to the public again.

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